Ananya Gaba

Founder - Trnatva
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Trnatva Founder - Ananya Gaba

I was an introverted child while growing up. Being a shy child, I always observed everything around me and loved spending time all by myself creating beautiful things. I used to pay attention to my mother curating skincare and haircare treatments just from our kitchen ingredients, how she would precisely mix the ingredients and the GLOW afterwards used to be amazing. I always had a keen interest in the Ayurvedic lifestyle and loved hand making things. After finishing my Masters, I did work in a corporate for 6 months. But, promptly my heart realized that is not what i am meant for and there and then i gave chance to my craving to create something of my own yet again. I explored my interest in the Ayurveda, I studied & applied my mother’s secrets to clean & sustainable beauty & with our love for nature and with the love of my mother, Trnatva came into existence.

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About the brand

Trnatva is an Ayurveda inspired, pure & all natural skin and hair care. Handcrafted with sheer love & care. It started with an exploration for Ayurveda, love for Nature and care for our beautiful self. Subsequently collecting various books, texts and Mother's Secrets, we expanded our knowledge of Ayurvedic Beauty and launched clean,sustainable skin & hair care products. All Trnatva products are Handcrafted with love, in small batches. We use only 100% natural and pure ingredients, with none of the synthetic nastiness! And we test our products only on humans. Our each and every bottle accommodates all the goodness of natural ingredients and lots and lots of Love!


All our formulations are inspired by the ancient Ayurveda and are handcrafted with utmost love and care.

100% Natural & Pure

We use pure, all natural and raw ingredients in our formulations, free of the synthetic nastiness.

Cruelty Free & Vegan

We test our products only on humans and are plant based & vegetarian.

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