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Founder - Tinge
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Tinge Founder - Sabrina Suhailu

Sabrina Suhail, an entrepreneur, an artist and the Head Creator at Tinge who has been the driving force to create an inclusive, custom-fit make-up boutique that values diversity and celebrates individuality. She began her career as the Head trainer at a leading cosmetics company before opening her premium bridal studio in Bangalore. With plentiful insights and learnings, Sabrina launched her custom-fit and custom-made cosmetics studio called Tinge. Sabrina invested in formal training in organic chemistry from New York that helped her to understand the ingredients and the science behind them better. After returning to India, she dedicated her time to sourcing ethical and chemical-free ingredients. Tinge began as a brand creating bespoke lipsticks which eventually expanded to house all other cosmetic needs. The PETA-approved brand, Tinge is India’s first inclusive, custom-fit brand for clean cosmetics.

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About the brand

Tinge is India’s first handmade and customised make-up brand, that caters to the varied Indian skin tone with its 100% natural, cruelty-free and paraben-free cosmetic range of lipsticks, lip balms, lip scrubs, foundations, concealers, eye pencils and multi-shade sticks. It understands and believes make-up is an expression of the users’ creativity, vibrancy, moods and individuality. All ingredients are sustainable, clean and are sourced from India, keeping the commitment to mother nature in mind and are packaged in sustainable, plastic-free bottles. Tinge products are also paraben-free, chemical-free and PETA approved.

All purpose

Running late ? But still want to look good? These makeup products from tinge will help you in attaining your desired result. Our brand emphasis in providing cosmetic boutique for personalised specific make up needs. This reduces the stress of using multiple products on your skin.

Made for All

Our products uniquely benefit all kinds of users. Irrespective of their skin type. Varying from foundations, concealers to lipsticks. It is a one stop solution for every kind of makeup product you want.

Sustainable products and Natural products

All our products are nature driven. They are natural,clean and sourced entirely from India. Our products are packed in sustainable plastic free bottles which make them environmentally friendly. They are also free from toxic chemicals, sulphate and paraben.

Discover our best products

Tinge Take away!!!! all the goodness and richness extracted from nature with earthy products.

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