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Founder - Siachen
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Siachen Founder - Arita Abrol

Siachen is an amalgamation of Arita Abrol’s lifelong quest for safe and effective natural beauty products, well suited for the Indian skin types. I am a seasoned entrepreneur with over 7 years of experience in creating homegrown and sustainable consumer businesses. My personal experiences with available substitutes in the beauty segment was the trigger to start a 100% organic and natural brand of quality beauty products. I was always seeking safe and quality products for use and often struggled to find and cope up with them. Having spent years understanding more about formulations, ingredients and products that are 100% safe for skin and hair; I realised it was time to have our own homegrown Indian brand which promised authentic ingredients which were completely natural, organic and safe to use; while also being more cost savvy, affordable and accessible for people. .

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About the brand

Approximately 3 decades ago, in the pristine valleys of Ladakh, was when we experienced firsthand - the limitless abundance of nature. From the lush fields of blooming Lavender, to the glowing glow of Sea Buckthorn fruit - we experienced nature’s essence, in its purest form. 30 years ago, in this valley, we commenced our journey to find the finest and purest natural ingredients homegrown in India, and mixed them into our beauty customs. Our Hibiscus range curtails the boundless benefits and power of Hibiscus, into easy to use everyday products. Hibiscus is a flowering plant which is loaded with potent antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, naturally derived AHAs and Amino Acids among others. We're the first ever brand in India to harness the potential of this potent botanical into a complete care range for both skin and hair. We've combined pure and fresh Hibiscus extracts with other powerful botanical ingredients like Neem, Lavender, Rose, Mint and more - to deliver remarkably effective range of products for the skin and hair. All our products are formulated to suit all skin & hair types.

100% Natural, Organic & Handmade

The Three Key Pillars of our Brand are 100% Natural, Organic and Freshly Made. We honour and create timeless recipes from pure and fresh botanical blends, to provide toxin free care for hair and skin.

Freshly Made Products

All our products are freshly made in small batches only. We promise maximum efficacy and results owing to their pure and fresh origins.Every ingredient is carefully selected and is completely organic.

Cruelty and toxin free

We're proud to be 100% Indian. We control all processes, right from the sourcing of ingredients to crafting the products. Beauty delivered from the farms, straight to your palms. Our products are cruelty free and not tested on animals.Our products are free from any Parabens, Sulphates or Artificial Fragrances.

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