Gopal Partani

Founder - Satt Naturals
Earthy Entrepreneur

Satt Naturals Founder - Gopal Partani

Gopal Partani is a Chartered Accountant by profession who turned into an entrepreneur out of his devotion to build holistic lifestyle solutions through the medium of nature and its power. He is trained in aromatherapy, fragrance and flavours development. So, one day he came across the power of aromatherapy during his days in a corporate job. His experience in aromatherapy led him to the idea of developing complete solutions to everyday lifestyle controversies that everyone faces. The excitement, trepidation and determination to share the power of aromatherapy with everyone around him led to the birth of Satt Naturals. .

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About the brand

Satt Naturals is making its place as one of the best luxury lifestyle brands in the country. We’ve merged the best of Ayurveda and contemporary applications to establish a wide 100% natural range of essential oils. We’ve mapped the dimensions of our country as well as those from outside. Using indigenous extraction of rich natural sources, we develop these solutions that administer surprisingly comprehensive sets of benefits both physically and mentally.

High Quality Products

All our products are 100% natural , procured from all around India . We guarantee to bring the best plants , seeds and leaves to make our pure products with 100% cruelty free process.


We at Satt naturals ensure to follow Cultural , Social as well as economic sustainability . We ensure to do our bit by providing employment to artisans , supporting women and also not destroying our planet , by opting for eco friendly packaging

Personal aromatherapy blending

Satt Naturals has bridged the gap between humans and nature and has leveraged the powers of nature to heal using direct application, and an underestimated magic of aromatherapy. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of sustainability, purity, and the most perfect concoctions blessed to us through our scriptures.

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