Jasdeep Singh

Founder - Sage Apothecary
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Sage Apothecary Founder - Jasdeep Singh

Jasdeep Singh is a motivated, organisation friendly & positive entrepreneur with a lot of perseverance using which he made Sage Apothecary a successful Enterprise. He started at the age of 17 with a strong passion to make organic soaps which started from his pantry. Passion made him read a lot of Ayurvedic books, and went to Kannauj to see how pure essential oils were extracted. One night a carpenter working at his house came up with healed rough hands which were the outcome of using the handmade soaps made by Jasdeep however he couldn't buy them as it wasn't affordable for him. And this was the first encouragement & motivation that he got which indulged him into making more such products.

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About the brand

The Sage Apothecary was established in the year 2013, in New Delhi, India. Operating as the top-ranking Manufacturer and Supplier of Natural Soap, Body Massage Oil, Organic Tea, etc. we have gained an immense reputation in this industry for our products. A large number of our customers have relied on our firm to buy these items and address their business requirements effectively.Our rarest of all formulations have addressed the most common problems in the most unique forms. Our professionals derive the formula with wisdom left by the Seers and create intelligent formulations mixed with the wonders of nature.

India’s Precious

We re-discovered the healing powers of India’s natural herbs and Ayurveda. Every ingredient is carefully curated from the motherland of holistic healing traditions. We distill the scientific Ayurveda into our ingredients across our wide range of products.

Pure & Purposeful

The purity of our ingredients allows them to be multipurpose. Their healing properties remain intact as they are unprocessed and the power of the Ayurveda & Herbs used in our products can be used to address more than one problem at once.

Unrivalled Ingredients

The uniqueness of our ingredients is unmatched and still stands apart from what one sees around. We use the most raw and pure ingredients like Mother of Pearls, Volcanic Ash, Rose Geranium, Benzoin to create our formulations.

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