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Founder - Mehr Skincare
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Mehr Skincare Founder - Nishkersh Seth

Hi! I am Nishkersh Seth, the founder of Mehr Skincare. I have established this brand as a natural skincare company that believes in taking care of all things natural by blessings of nature. I have always been passionate to learn new things and this is how I started my skincare business 4 years back out of curiosity about all things natural.I have always been drawn towards plants and flowers and invested a lot of time in keeping my garden lush and green. I used to read natural remedies for skin care whenever my skin or my children’s skin needed a glow, a fresh look, or acne solutions. I was inquisitive to learn more about the benefits of each plant or essential oils. My source of motivation was when I got to know that many of the products available in the market are laden with toxic chemicals. Therefore, I spent a year and a half researching on the internet and gradually tried formulating natural skincare products. A lot of time, effort and care went into making the best blends that are effective for all different skin types.

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About the brand

Started in 2016, Mehr believes that only natural products can help your skin to breathe just the way it likes to. The goal is to make customers feel confident in their own skin naturally by using products driven from the pure form of nature. All of Mehr's creations are handcrafted with love and a conscious effort to bring you a blend of the best from the world of nature. This brand believes in making skincare amusing and worry free. Something that comes naturally to take care of your beautiful skin will never ruin prospects. The curiosity of the blessings that nature can give us and help our skin and well-being is where it all began. Mehr decided to help people to find that balance in it’s skincare routine.

Fresh and Effective Ingredients

Our ingredients are fresh and effective on all skin types- with a focus on customisation.Taking care of your skin is essential and we are there to help you cleanse, tone and moisturise in nature's beautiful way.

Skin Nourishment

Our products work by seeping through your skin pores, nourishing your skin and giving it enough nutrition to confidently breathe in a world surrounded by pollution.

Natural & Cruelty free

Our goal is to make our customers feel naturally confident in their skin with our natural and cruelty-free products.Our product properties are highly varied and comprise remedies for Acne, Wrinkles, Skin Aging, blemishes, and daily skin care routines.

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