We make eco-friendly, reusable, period underwear for women in an effort to reduce the 9,000 tonnes of plastic waste generated from sanitary products in India, every year. Period underwear is easy to use, comfortable, and completely rash-free.

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Friday Undies Founder - Shivani Singh

I discovered period panties on a terrible day - I was going through a miscarriage. This particular time, the husband and I had been intentionally trying for many months, so when I saw the blood I was absolutely devastated. Angry at the pressure I felt from society and what I put on myself, from the constant emotional rollercoaster I experienced every month and most of all angry at being so damn uncomfortable every time my body did what women’s bodies have been doing since the beginning of time. I wanted to throw away every last bit of plastic disguised as sanitary products in my bathroom and let everything breathe and bleed. We don’t always think about this but the lack of innovation for women’s health is shocking. Triggered, I set out on a mission to do my own research and find something that didn’t make me feel punished for being a woman. I mean periods are vital for the survival of the human race and women are bad*ss warriors for dealing with what their bodies go through, from puberty to childbirth, to menopause. But the constant chafing, checking, and adjusting is really not necessary. (Side note: Menstrual cups are great, but personally don’t work well with my body)

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About the brand

Friday Undies was created for every woman who wants to feel like she’s wearing nothing more than her underwear on her period and is still completely secure, for women who don’t want to constantly ask their co-workers to check their pants, or check their sheets every time they wake up, for the woman who wants to travel and not worry about when the next restroom stop will be. Friday Undies is for a woman who wants to focus on the important aspects of life and not let her period take over it.


Periods are still widely considered to be a taboo topic in India. Period panties can pass as normal underwear without drawing too much attention to them. Their moisture-wicking fabric captures leaks and protects against stains, but they look and feel the same as everyday underwear. Some – such as the best-selling hip-hugger style made by US company Thinx, which claims to absorb two tampons’ worth of liquid – may even look better.


Because you’re not using tampons, or if you’re using fewer tampons and panty liners, reusable period underwear is very eco-friendly!


At Night – It’s not advised to wear a tampon for more than 8 hours. And you don't need to wake up at night just to change the pad or tampon as all good reasons that a pair of period underwear can be the answer. -Traveling – With period underwear, you can rest (or travel) assured! -Thinner than pads – Many people think period underwear will be just like wearing a pad. The absorbent layers of period underwear are much thinner, move with you with more ease, and stay in place better (because it’s just part of the underwear itself) in comparison to pads.