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Apurva Namewar

Founder - Body Muse
Earthy Entrepreneur

Body Muse Founder - Apurva Namewar

Hello, I am Apurva Nemwwar, founder of Body Muse. Over the years my skin had become sensitive to all the products accessible in the market which resulted in giving me bad acne. Repeated visits to the dermatologist, trying home remedies, I have tried almost every possible solution to it; I was helpless. However, I didn't launch my products right away, but I started making a few samples for me and my friends having the same problem. After trying my products, instantly everyone around me realised how effective my products were and I was encouraged to start my own skincare line.

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About the brand

Bodymuse is an absolutely organic, chemical free brand. Bodymuse brings luxury right in your hands at a cheaper price. For years people have been using chemical products that are ripping off their natural oils. Chemicals agitate the PH oh of the skin making it wrinkle and pigmentation sensitive. Although in case of hair, the product buildup actually clogs your pores leading to unhealthy brittle and loose hair strands.Body Muse is basically a solution to all these skin related problems. Our products only have essential oils and natural products that are carefully curated and sent to you.

Fresh & Natural

All our products are fresh and natural with pure essential oils and no added preservatives. We source all our products from natural sources. Our multani mitti is from Sagar Gujarat.

Fresh & Chemical free products

There’s a growing trend of fresh and chemical free products for the skin and body .Natural products contain lots of natural glycerine, it draws water from the skin which sets apart our brand from regular commercial soaps. We ensure all our products are 100% paraben and sulphate free.

Luxury products at reasonable rates

Loaded with vitamins and minerals it is perfectly handcrafted with love for personal as well as to gift to your loved ones.