Skincare is healthcare! Let's start. Investing in our skin health!! Confused by all the options! Shop from our Boxes, we’ve got you covered! These personal care boxes are a curation of products by experts at Earthy Selections, handpicked for you in our strive to provide you with the best for your body. Our brands make products that are gentle on the body, environmentally friendly, made with natural ingredients and natural fragrance, that prevent premature ageing, and minimise risks of sicknesses.

Body Essentials Box

Indulge yourself in all things organic and natural in Earthy Selections' delightfully crafted bodycare box. All the products are crafted with authentic plant derived ingredients which create a sense of well being. We hope you will have the best bathing experience with our earthly treasures.

Hydrated and Smooth Skin

Try this pre curated Body Essentials personal care box and leave your skin hydrated and smooth all day long...

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