Karishma Gupta

Founder - Bliscent

Shefali Shah

Founder - Bliscent
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Bliscent Founder - Karishma Gupta

Karishma Gupta, co-founder of BLISCENT is fun loving, vivacious and tackles everything that comes her way headfirst. She dreamt of being an entrepreneur since she was a little girl and made sure that dream came true. She loves to find ways of simplifying skincare & haircare in the most effective ways possible and translating the same to our range.

Earthy Entrepreneur

Bliscent Founder - Shefali Shah

Shefali Shah, co-founder of BLISCENT is sweet, soft spoken and has a knack for handling all things with positivity & grace. She ensures that we get the best ingredients for our products and is constantly on the lookout for new ideas to elevate our range of products.

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About the brand

BLISCENT Luxury Skincare is a clean skin and hair care brand. We use natural and minimal ingredients in all products with no unnecessary chemicals or preservatives. We strive to encourage the Indian audiences to consume natural and made in India products which are not only effective, but also have non-fussy and amazing ingredients.

Wide range

BLISCENT offers luxurious and natural skin care products for everyday use. The brand caters to a wide range of products for hair, face and body care; from hair oils, hair packs, balms, face creams, scrubs and masks to makeup removers, lip butters, lip scrubs, soaps, body polishes & foot soaks.

Affordable yet luxurious

All products under BLISCENT's umbrella are made with the utmost care and research. They contain the best and most effective ingredients. They are priced affordably so that everyone gets a chance to use good skincare.

Natural & Effective products

BLISCENT believes in creating awareness about the benefits of using natural products that do not make use of unnecessary chemicals and keep you looking younger and healthier, for longer! Having researched on multiple ingredients which go into commercial products, the founders of the brand started with having a minimum number of ingredients in each product, thus eliminating the need to use artificial fillers and additives but just pure and clean ingredients.

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